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Phyllis Bennis

14 Nov '08 - 15:07 by houck021

Early November 2008 Phyllis Bennis gave a lecture in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, about the future of the USA and the world under president Barack Obama and about her new book titled:

Understanding the US-Iran crisis

The Bush administration spent years threatening Iran for its alleged nuclear ambitions, support for terrorism, and ambitions in the middle East and war has often seemed only a step away. How did relations between the US and Iran come to be in this state? Are these dire claims even true? Is Iran in fact a serious threat? This primer provides an essential history and analysis of US-Iranian relations. Bennis's illuminating discussion responds to calls for aggression toward Iran with alternative strategies for defusing the crisis. This book is invaluable for anyone trying to prevent a new war in the Middle East.

Phyllis Bennis is a fellow of the institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC and of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam.

Click here to listen

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